April 22nd, 2006  Spreading the Engineered Mulch

Patyon Treeing a Squirrel
Payton Trees a Squirrel While Dad Works On... Play Time!
It's a Dog Day... I Can Help Too!


April 20th, 2006  The Fencing Is Complete!

Tyson and Dillon 04.20.06    Tyson and Dillon 04.20.06
Tyson and Dillon enjoyed a romp at the park this morning!


April 13th, 2006  Fencing is going up!

The Fence Before (AM)    The Fence After (PM)
(the picture on the left was taken at 11AM today, the picture on the right was taken at 7:30PM today...man those guys can fence!)


April 12th, 2006  Horizontal Poles Are Up!

Horizontal Poles    More Horizontal Poles
(and as you can see, there is still plenty of areas that could use some mulch to cover up the dirt)


April 7th, 2006  The Poles Are Up!

Vertical Poles
(and if you look very closely, you can see Lexi showing them off!)


April 2nd, 2006  First Mulch Spreading Day

Mulch...Going... Mulch...Going... Mulch...Gone...
Going... Going... Gone.

    Three mounds of mulch, a dozen humans and one dog...   


March 29th, 2006  First Signs of Progress...

Concrete                Mulch

The concrete pad has been poured, and mulch (donated by Asplundh) has been delivered!


February 5th, 2006  First Park Clean Up Day

Thanks to all who came out and helped!

We filled many bags of trash and removed many harmful items from the dog park area, including an old metal gutter, a tire, aluminum cans, plastic wrappers, and many broken bottles and pieces of glass.

Clean Up Day        Clean Up Day        Lots of Broken Glass in the Parking Lot        More Broken Glass and Wires        An Old Tire


November, 2005  Before the Park was Built