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April 2010


April 18th, 2010 Honoring a Great Friend of the Dog Park

A new picnic table in memory of Donald Pickett has been installed near the kiosk, thanks to the generosity of dog park visitors. The table was officially dedicated on Sunday, April 18th, as dog park members celebrated Don's life and contributions to the dog park. Don was an integral part of the dog park from the beginning both as an advisor and keeping up with the day to day maintenance of the dog park.



February 2010

February 24th, 2010 A Terrible Loss for the Dog Park

The Dog Park lost a good friend on February 24th when Don Pickett died from complications following surgery. Even if you never saw or met Don, you have benefited from his efforts at the dog park.

Don was responsible for much of the maintenance at the dog park. He kept the gates working; he cleaned the drain under the water "hydrant" and called the city when the water stopped working; he put out the poop bags; he kept an eye out on the park daily and sometimes more than once a day. He took over the website when our webmaster moved away. He even occasionally sent out listserv messages.

You have probably seen Don as he went about his work or just sitting up in the woods at the picnic table by the kiosk, sometimes with a huge black and white Great Dane keeping him company. Tall and skinny with blue eyes and a long blond/gray ponytail, he was more likely to be paying attention to the dogs than the people, and dogs could tell he was a soft touch if they wanted attention.

Everyone can honor Don's memory and dedication by following the dog park rules, especially picking up behind your dog. You can do the whole dog park a favor by an occasional walk-through cleaning up droppings ("orphans" as Don sometimes called them), left by people who might have neglected to pick up behind their dogs.

April 2009

Saturday, April 4th    Egg Hunt and Spring Potluck Alert

The area around the picnic shelter is reserved for Historic Oakwood's Egg Hunt and Spring Potluck from 9am until 3pm.

Heads up for Easter eggs and other food with lots of kids running around. The best bet would be to avoid the picnic shelter area and the Brookside Drive parking lot during that time.

We need to be good neighbors and be especially vigilant about leashing all dogs outside the dog park fence during the event.

Updates and other stuff:
The city turned us down on the bobcat to dig out that corner of the park in the hidden valley behind the open space. However, after the warning I sent out in the last listserv message, one of our volunteers stepped up and dug a deep enough trench along the fence to make it very difficult for the dogs to jump the fence. Many thanks to Al (and his dog Daisy) for the massive amount of work that took. ( There is still plenty of dirt to be moved down there if you want some exercise. )

Al is one of the people that spreads the wood chips in the rest of park too. Don't be shy in helping him and the others, if you are physically able.  Spreading the wood chips on the bare and/or wet spots is one of the things we can do to help the dog park.

For those of you that might not know, bulletin board kiosk is for dog park and dog-related non-commercial notices. There is notice stating this in the Kiosk. Commercial notices are not allowed in City Parks, except to identify donations.  In the dog park's case, that includes Pet Supply Plus that donates the bags in the dispenser just inside the large dog entrance and Dogtopia that recently donated the weatherproof dispenser with bags located on the kiosk.

Business advertising left in the kiosk or elsewhere in the dog park will be removed.
Thanks for leashing your dog:
I've been pleased to see so many dogs on leashes approaching the dog park entrance. Keep up the good work! The more examples of responsible dog owners out there, the better it is for all dog owners. There are definitely people in the neighborhood watching to see if the rules are followed.

The reason for the double gated entrance is to give dog handlers a safe place to unleash their dog before entering the dog park. Before opening the either gate, be sure to wait until any dogs inside the gated area are on a leash.

While you have your leash out, remember to keep it with you in the dog park, in case you need to control your dog if problems occur other places in dog park.

Saturday, April 18th   Bark Around the Park!

Raleigh's "Bark Around the Park" is Saturday, April 18th from 11am-3pm at Millbrook Exchange Park (1905 Spring Forest Road). This is the event's 20th year. More details are at:

It's a fun event and there is usually lots of giveaways and free samples.  


December 2008

Saturday, December 28th   Happy Holidays from FOLDPOP and Dogtopia of Raleigh!

A new waste dispenser has arrived, compliments of Dogtopia of Raleigh!  It has been installed on the Information Kiosk in the park so it is easy access when your dog is off in the woods section of the park.  Please be sure to check out Dogtopia for Doggy Daycare, Spa, Training and Boarding!


Saturday, December 6th    Winter Updates!

Car broken into in Brookside Drive parking lot of Oakwood Park:
Friday, December 5th there was a car broken into between 3 and 4pm.  Someone busted out the passenger side window of an SUV parked under the basketball goal near the picnic shelter. The car's owner had only been out of the car for less than an hour and the car was clearly visible from the dog park during that time. Everybody in the dog park was focused on their dogs and didn't notice anything.
The police responded and questioned people in the park, but didn't share with us whether anything had been stolen out of the car.
Other cars have been vandalized around the area in the last few weeks. We need to be especially alert to anybody or anything unusual going on in the neighborhood. If you notice anything call 911.
And as always, for your own car remember to follow the "lock, hide, take" advice of the police. Don't leave anything of value in your car unless it has been hidden before you pull into the parking lot. Lock you car and keep your keys on your person. Maybe the kind of neighborhood still exists where you don't have to take this type of precaution, but it's not at the dog park.

Bathrooms are closed for the winter:

The bathrooms have been winterized and will not be usable until the spring. The building that the bathrooms are in is not heated. This means that the pipes will freeze as the weather gets colder. Parks and Recreation takes preventative steps to keep the pipes from freezing. The process includes shutting off the water and draining the pipes. The bathrooms will be available come springtime.

Remember this is a self-service dog park:

More wood chips have arrived and are ready to spread. So if you're physically able, choose a bare spot and cover it with wood chips. The FOLDPOP tools are at the pile or you can bring your own from home. Speaking of wood chips arriving, for everyone's safety please control your dog when the big trucks start entering the off-leash area. Then you and your dog can move to a part of the off-leash area that does not have large trucks driving around and dumping piles of wood chips.

Finally, it is up to us to educate dog park visitors of the dog park rules and city of Raleigh ordnances -- politely.

For example:  If you see someone not picking up after their dog, politely offer them a poop bag. If you notice a dog still wearing a pinch or choke collar inside the dog park, explain that these collars can be dangerous during dog playing and running free. If someone brings a puppy into the dog park that is less the 4 months old, explain that puppies under that age are not protected from many diseases.
Even though the rules are posted at the gate and in the kiosk, not everybody is going to notice them. Or people forget sometimes too.


October 2008

Wednesday, October 22nd    Important News! Robbery At Oakwood Park!

>This is a very important message !
>John Dawes was mugged and robbed in parking lot outside the dog park
>on Tuesday, 10-20-08 between 3:00 and 3:15pm. Regulars in the dog
>park probably know John. He is 15 yrs old with learning disabilities
>(he is mentally around ten years of age) and typically comes to the
>park with his father Ken who is blind. Sometimes they bring their dog
>Bailey; many times they just come to the park, Ken will sit and John
>will play or interact with dog park visitors.
>The attacker was described as an African American male, age 16 to 20,
>med skin tone, scalp cut short hair wearing sagging pants and a white
>graphic tee shirt, and a blue bandana around his forehead. The report
>says that he jumped John, forced his arm behind his back, told him to
>give him his item, and "rabbit punched" him in the lower back. We do
>nto know what was really stolen.
>This incident was reported to the police. If any of you can provide
>any additional information about this crime please call the RPD (dial
>911). If you see anyone in the park matching this description please
>dial 911 as soon as possible and tell the police.
>Don Pickett ( Ernie's dad, Helen's Husband)
>Friends of the Off-Leash Dog Park at Oakwood Park





September 2008

Wednesday, September 17th    Housekeeping!

*First, do you like having a forum to discuss Dog Park and other issues? The dog park forum -- -- does not seem to be getting any activity except from spammers trying to get approved for membership. 

Does anyone out there use the forum?
If not, I'd like to shut it down. I'm getting several email requests a day for membership that I have to investigate to see if they might be real dog park users. Almost none of them are. However just last week, a new member joined that seems to be a dog park person. 

So if you like the forum, let us know. If I don't hear from anybody in the next week or so, I'll shut it down.

*Second, noise complaints from a few of the neighbors have started to come in to the City Council.  PLEASE, PLEASE keep your dog from excessively barking, and ask others to quiet theirs down as well.  If there are too many complaints about this (and really, can you blame them? I'm sure you don't let your dog bark excessively at home), then the park could be shut down!!!!

*Lastly, thanks to the folks that have been spreading the wood chips and helping to cover the bare areas so our dogs have a better surface to run on. It is a continuing task; another delivery was made this weekend -- on Sunday even! If you are not physically able to do the work, you can help by offering to watch the dogs of the folks that are spreading the wood chips.

Finally the fun part....

Down By the Tracks VII
The Shops at Seaboard Station, Raleigh
Mark your calendar for Sunday, September 21st. Join the SPCA for a howling good time at the most dog-friendly block party in Wake County! The Shops at Seaboard Station is celebrating its seventh year of Down By the Tracks, a premiere fundraising event benefiting the SPCA of Wake County.

For a minimum $5 donation cover charge, you can bring your dog and enjoy an evening of live music by The Peace Street Band, a silent auction, doggie pools, family portraits, wine and beer tastings, and more!

And ....
The Raleigh Parks & Recreation Department is offering the following Class:
"DOGS– Stepping Stones
Location: Oakwood Park
Age: All Ages. Would you like to create something to remember your pet forever? If so,  then this is the program for you. We will design a stepping stone from your pet’s paw that will live with your family forever. Class Fee: $25
Oct 4 Sa 1:00-2:00pm
Lions Park Phone: (919) 831-6995"
Give them a call if you are interested.

Enjoy these pictures for Halloween!  Click Here!


May 2008

Wednesday, May 14th    Strickland Road Dog Park Meeting, 7PM

The Park Planning Pizza Party for the Strickland Road Dog Park will be held at 7:00PM on Wednesday, May 14th. We'll be discussing the concerns that came up at the public meeting, concerns of the parks staff and landscape architect, and any concerns you may have. 

We'll also be discussing what we as a volunteer organization are willing to do to make this Dog Park a reality. Each Dog Park has required some volunteer labor to build and maintain the various Dog Parks. This is a critical factor in our agreement with the city so we need to start nailing down what we can bring to the table.  

If you are interested in joining us for this important meeting, please email for directions to the meeting.

Monday, May 5th    Dog Park CLOSED from 8AM-Noon

The Parks staff will be spraying for weed control and will allow for the 20 minutes of drying time. If the weather is very windy or rainy they will not be able to spray and they will reschedule the work. The herbicide being used is pet friendly after it dries. Please cooperate with the Parks staff while they are doing this work by not using the dog park during these hours.

We are also starting to get more frequent deliveries of donated wood chips to the dog park. It is your responsibility to leash your dog while the truck is entering the park, dumping its load and leaving the dog park. The truck driver can't always see a dog if it runs in front of his truck. These donations are a vital part of keeping the dog park usable. The guys delivering the wood chips are doing our dog park a great service. They are also "on the clock" when they are making a delivery and usually have other tree work to do that day. Please be willing to give up fifteen minutes of your leisure time in the park to help these working people donate a vital resource to the park.  Additionally, the park is run by VOLUNTEERS.  Please do your part in spreading the wood chips to keep the park safe and sanitary for our pets to play!



APRIL 2008

Saturday, April 19th    9th Annual K9-3K Dog Walk 2PM

Visit the SPCA of Wake County's website for information on this great fundraiser!


Wednesday, April 9th    New Picnic Table in Memory of an Oakwood Dog Park Regular

 This table was generously donated by a loving owner to serve as a memorial for their four-legged friend that recently passed away.  

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page to learn how you can donate a memorial for your beloved canine friend.


March 2008

Thursday, March 27th    Oakwood Dog Park Looses Water!  

As part of Stage 2 Water Conservation Regulation, the water at Oakwood Dog Park has now been turned off.  

Update:  Not even 6 hours after posting this, the City decided to allow water in the dog parks.  Thank you to all who responded to help make this happen!  


February 2008

Saturday, February 9th    Small Dog Area Closed for Mulch Spreading!  12pm-3pm

The small dog area will be closed on Saturday Feb. 9 from 12 noon until about 3pm. Please do not plan on using the small dog area during that time.

The City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Dept. Division of Volunteer Services has set up a work date with some teenagers from Haven House to do a little volunteer work in Oakwood Dog Park. The teens will be spreading wood chips in the small dog area Saturday afternoon. If this trial session goes well then FOLDPOP will be able to tap into this labor pool again in the future. The city has requested that there be no dogs in the small dog area while the kids are working. 

Currently the grand plan is to have the wood chips delivered on Thursday or Friday of this week through the new gate directly into the small dog area. Other crews from Raleigh Parks and Recreation will be dropping off wheelbarrows, pitch forks, shovels, rakes and other tools on Friday Feb. 8 for the Haven House teens to use. They will be picking up these tools on Monday Feb. 11. Users of the small dog area should take the necessary steps to keep their dogs out of way and safe during these deliveries.

FOLDPOP was not able to finalize this deal with the city until today ( Wednesday Feb. 6). If we had been able to give you more notice we would have.

November 2007

Wednesday, November 28th    Work Complete-Will Re-Open 11/30!

Oakwood Dog Park will be closed on Thursday 11-29.  The Raleigh Urban Forestry people will be doing tree work in the park on those two days. Limited access to the park might be possible on those two days but FOLDPOP recommends that you take your dog to Millbrook or Carolina Pines Dog Park instead.  The park will be a safer place after the tree work has been done and with any luck we will have a new treasure trove of wood chips as a by-product.

Sorry for the short notice and inconvenience!

Monday, November 26th    Lots of Updates!

That's it for now. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the helping out.

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October 2007

Wednesday, October 31st    Happy Halloween!

Enjoy these pictures for Halloween!  Click Here!

Monday, October 22nd    New Maintenance Fence Being Installed

Please be aware that there will be a new maintenance fence installed in the SMALL DOG PARK on Monday, October 22nd.  Please avoid using the small dog park while the crew is there, and if they need access to the large park, please leash your dog so they can get their job done. 

Saturday, October 20th    Grand Opening! Carolina Pines Dog Park!  10AM

The City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department and the Volunteers of Carolina Pines Park invite you and your pup to the dedication of the Carolina Pines Off-Leash Dog Park.  Dedication will begin at 10AM.  For more information, contact Kellee Beach at 890-3658.

2305 Lake Wheeler Road
Raleigh, NC 27603

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September 2007

Saturday, September 29th    2nd Annual DOGTOBERFEST!  11AM-3PM

2nd Annual Dogtoberfest, hosted by Pawfect Match Rescue, will be held at Oakwood Park.  Come out for the Parade of Rescues, Contests, Demos, Food & Drinks, and Goody Bags!  Free Event!  Call 919-567-9200, or click here for more information.  Download this flyer for your fridge as a reminder!

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August 2007

SHELBY - ID#A047505
My name is Shelby and I am a spayed female, black Lab mix
I am about 1 year and 1 month old.
I am currently available for adoption.

July 2007

Saturday, July 28th    FOLDPOP Education Day

Saturday July 28th all day, we will be giving everyone that enters the dog park a printed copy of the official City of Raleigh Dog Park Rules.

The goal is to make sure everyone entering the park is aware of the rules. People can also keep this document to prove to other dog park people that there are rules and what those rules are when pointing out violations of the rules. We may even have Animal Control there for part of the day!

There will other helpful tips for using the Oakwood Dog Park and dog parks in general. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for particular tasks that need to be done regularly at the dog park. This is, after all, a self service dog park.

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JUNE 2007

Monday, June 25th    Wading Pools Banned

Wading pools are now banned from the dog park.  Our earlier request was ignored. This morning, the area around the hydrant was still soggy with puddles of standing water from the weekend.  The pools and the hose are now stored in the shed, and there is a notice on the hydrant.  If somebody wants to take over the job of policing the pools to keep them from creating a hazard, let us know and we can revisit the issue.

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Tuesday, June 19th    Summer Updates and Reminders

Just a few reminders as we get ready for summer:

Sunday, June 10th    Happy Birthday Oakwood Park Dog Park!   

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May 2007

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April 2007

Saturday, April 28th    Bark Around the Park  11AM-3PM  

Monday, April 23rd    Oakwood Does it Again!  As Featured in The News and Observer  

We will soon have a third dog park in Raleigh thanks to the many people who have worked so hard to make it happen.  Carolina Pines Dog Park was unanimously approved by City Council last week!  Canine friends of the Oakwood Dog Park were pictured in this story, and it provided a positive light on dog parks in the area.  

Link to Article in The News and Observer

Thursday, April 5th    Oakwood Dog Park featured in Wake Living Spring 2007 Issue  

"A Place for Man's Best Friend to Play" is a great article by Peter Waldron in the Wake Living Spring Edition! It features some of the regulars at Oakwood (everyone knows Barney the Basset!), and really focuses on the importance of dog parks! Be sure to pick up your free copy today!
Link to Wake Living

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March 2007

Wednesday, March 14th    Public Meeting for the Carolina Pines Dog Park  5:30-6:30pm   UPDATED!  FEB MEETING CANCELED!

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Monday, January 1st    Happy New Year!

Take a moment to reflect on what has occurred at 910 Brookside Drive over the past year...

FOLDPOP has come together as a group of volunteers to clean up a deserted park and turn it into a central hub for area dog owners to bring their pets to play.   The fence was installed in mid April, and on June 2nd Triangle Wishes delivered us a brand new storage shed, donated by Sheds Done Rite.  A handful of pre-opening regulars spread about a million tons of mulch.  Picnic tables and trash cans were bought by the city and installed within the fence.  June 10th brought out about 500 people to welcome our dog park into the community with "Release the Hounds."  With this, awareness of the park grew and mulch was spread much more quickly.  Our kiosk, a much bigger project than anyone imagined, was finally completed and installed in July.  As the year came to a close, water was installed in the park (a few months earlier than we ever anticipated!). 

Take some time to email us how the park has changed your life.   Have you made new friends?  Have you learned out to manage your schedule to get to the dog park during day light hours?  Have you met the man/woman of your dreams (I'm not kidding, those things happen at dog parks!)?  Has your dog found a new inner peace?  Or a new "best buddy"?  All emails will be posted anonymously on a Thank You page in the future.

Finally, in the New Year, we will be looking to expand our volunteer list.  To sign up, join our mailing list and select "volunteer."  We are still looking for someone to be the Mulch Liaison, as well as take on other FOLDPOP responsibilities.  New Christmas mulch will soon be arriving, and it needs to be spread before it starts to steam and become stinky.  If you have any ideas for events, we are always open to suggestions!  

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December 2006

Wednesday, December 27th    The Water is Complete!



November 2006


Friday, November 10th    Happy Half-Birthday Oakwood Dog Park!


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October 2006


Tuesday, October 31st    Happy Halloween!

Enjoy these pictures for Halloween!  Click Here!

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September 2006

Saturday, September 30th    Water Has Been Approved!

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August 2006

Saturday, August 12th    Dog Walk to Benefit Special Olympics

The Wake Sheriff's Office is sponsoring a 1.5-mile dog walk to benefit Special Olympics on Saturday at Historic Oak View County Park, 4028 Carya Drive off Poole Road in Raleigh.

For more information, see article in The News and Observer.

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July 2006
Tyson and cousin Kala @ OBX


Friday, July 14th    More Mulch!

A few of new loads of wood chips are ready for spreading.  They are located in the woods near the kiosk, as the dogs have been been wearing down the ground in that area. 
Please avoid putting more than a inch near the trucks of the trees. The purpose of the mulch that we spread is to stabilize the open areas.   (See the notice on the kiosk or the forum for details.)

Mulching advice can be found at the website of the International Society of Arboriculture:

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June 2006

Wednesday, June 28th  Who We Are...

Dogs are being added daily to the Who We Are section of the website.  Be sure to check this section out!

Saturday, June 10th  11:00AM-3:00 PM  Release the Hounds!  An educational event celebrating the new Dog Park at Oakwood Park.

Click here for more information regarding 
"Release the Hounds!"  

(Flyer with Vendors and Prize Donators)

Click here for event photos!

Updated 6/19

Monday, June 5th  Five Days Until Release the Hounds!

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Friday, June 2nd 5:30PM Join Us for a Surprise!

Join us at 5:30PM on Friday for the unveiling of a very special surprise.  Many thanks to Triangle Wishes and Channel 17.


By now, most of you have seen our beautiful new shed, donated by Sheds Done Rite in Zebulon (919.269.9995)   The donation was part of NBC17's Triangle Wishes series. It will air Wed at 11pm.

Click here to view the storyt online.

The story behind the donation is typical of how things have happened with the dog park:
We had a meeting while waiting for the city to start construction of the fence. Somebody said we need to get a little news coverage. Somebody else volunteered to talk to NBC17. That person was also a member of the Oakwood Park Community Watch. NBC17 did a story that focused more on the community watch but talked about the dog park as part of the positive things that were happening in the neighborhood. The dog park was one of the Community Watch's ideas to run out illegal activities. During the process of talking to NBC17, one of the news folks asked if there was anything else we needed and a tool shed was mentioned. In a week or so, they had lined up Sheds Done Rite to donate any size shed we needed. The 8x12 is about the smallest one they make, but we didn't really need a large shed. This size shed was also perfect to fill up that corner where dogs sometimes get trapped by a crowd of other dogs.

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May 2006
Lexi and Payton

Wednesday, May 17th More Mulch Delivered!

Monday, May 9th Work On Park Continues..

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April 2006

Saturday, April 29th  11:00AM-3:00 PM  Bark Around the Park

Tuesday, April 25th    Oakwood Makes The News and Observer!

Oakwood Dog Park was mentioned in this article in The News and Observer today.  The article discusses the new construction on the corner of Glascock and Brookside.  

Saturday & Sunday, April 22nd & 23rd  MULCH SPREADING!  All Day, Any Day!

Wednesday, April 12th  Web Site Donated!

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March 2006

Wednesday, March 29th  Announcement!  "Mulch Spreading Day."  Our first date will be Sunday, April 2nd from 1-3pm.  Bring your shovels, rakes, hoes, wheel barrels & muscles!  Weather permitting.  Sorry, no dogs this time.  

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February 2006

Monday, February 13th 5pm  Oakwood Dog Park on NBC 17 News!

Check out NBC 17 at 5pm to see Helen and Kathleen talk about Oakwood Dog Park and the Community Watch.  Click here to see the report.

Sunday, February 5th 1-3pm  Park Clean-Up Day!

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January 2006

Happy New Year!
Yappy New Year!

Monday, January 16th 7pm FOLDPOP Meeting @ Lion's Park
Good news! Much "kudos" to Heidi Miller for filing applications and gaining funding approval from the city for five new projects!
*Oakwood Park Kiosk
*Oakwood Park Annual Dog Park Party
*Oakwood Park donated mulch installation and distribution (on a side note, Millbrook just received a new load of Christmas mulch and boy does it smell good down there!)
*Oakwood Park engineered mulch installation and distribution
*Oakwood Park picnic tables (for us, not the dogs!)

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December 2005

Payton opening his gifts

Saturday, December 24th  Happy Holidays from FOLDPOP! 

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November 2005

Monday, November 21st 7pm East CAC Meeting @ Lion's Park

Monday, November 7th  OLDPOP Website goes LIVE!

Saturday, November 5th 3-6pm  Fall Festival at Emma Conn School.
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October 2005

Off-Leash Dog Park at Oakwood Park (OLDPOP) is given boundaries!
Satellite Image

Tuesday, October 18th City Council Meeting
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Have some news we don't know about? Is there an event coming up in our community?  Email Us!