(frequently asked questions)

Q:  Who is FOLDPOP?
FOLDPOP, or Friends of the Off-Leash Dog Park at Oakwood Park, started from a group of dog-loving people that attended the September, 2005 City of Raleigh public meeting.  Since then, we've tripled our numbers by getting the word out about Raleigh's second off-leash dog park -and the first central Raleigh dog park!  FOLDPOP is a volunteer organization that is responsible for the day-to-day upkeep and care of the park, as well as enforcement of the rules.

Q:  How do I volunteer?
Email Us!  We are always looking for more volunteers to help make this park a success!

Q:  When did the park officially open?
The official "leash cutting" and opening celebration was June 10th, 2006, 11AM-3PM  

Q:  Why does FOLDPOP solicit for volunteers and money?
While the Oakwood Dog Park has been provided to us by the city, FOLDPOP is responsible for maintaining the grounds inside of the fence.  This includes the spreading of the mulch (an ongoing thankless task that must be done!), picking up after the dogs (scoop your poop!), reporting any problems with the fencing, and other such things.  The white poop bags you find inside of the park have been donated by Pet Supplies "Plus".  Volunteers have designed and built the bag dispenser and kiosk.  The regular mulch is donated by various landscaping companies in Raleigh.  The money that we raise through Bark Around the Park, Release the Hounds, and private donations goes towards purchasing engineered mulch for the entrance way, the green poop bags (a favorite of most dog-parkers), and other necessary items.  Additionally, we are trying to gain funding to install lights in the park. 

Q:  Why are there two fenced off areas?
These two areas are aptly named the "Small Dog Park" and the "Big Dog Park." 

The "Big Dog Park" is for all dogs, regardless of size.  However, we do ask that if it is crowded or if your small dog is skittish around larger dogs, to please take your dog into the "Small Dog Park."

The "Small Dog Park" is for smaller dogs, as well as those who are elderly or "slower" and want to enjoy the socialization of the dog park.  This area is also an excellent section of the park for new dog-parkers to try out the dog park before entering into the larger area.  Please use this area wisely.

Q:  My dog recently passed away.  Does The Oakwood Dog Park have any way to honor them in a Memorial?
Yes!  We can work with you to post photos and a memorial to your loved one on the Rainbow Bridge portion of our website. Contact  Info@OakwoodDogPark.com for details. FOLDPOP can also work with you and The City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation Dept, to have a bench or a picnic table installed in the park in memory of your beloved pet.  We request that you inform us of your decision to do a Memorial at  Info@OakwoodDogPark.com. The City of Raleigh Parks requests that standard park furnishings are used in all city parks. To that end they have a program in place for a park bench and for a picnic table. They ask the interested person(s) to make a contribution of $300 to cover the cost of the park bench (recycled material). A picnic table (similar to the ones that are already in the dog park) requires a $500 donation. After you have submitted your request for a bench/table, please have a small plaque made (no larger than 3"x5") and give the plaque to the city. They will attach the plaque to the bench/table. It usually takes about 6 weeks for the order to be processed and the furniture to be delivered. You would make the check payable to the City of Raleigh and mail it to:

Cindy Trumbower, CAVNC
Volunteer Services Director
Raleigh Parks and Recreation
PO Box 590, Raleigh, NC 27602
(919) 890-3292 (office)
(919) 890-3299 (fax)

Please include a letter explaining the request with the check. The check will be deposited to the Parks Beautification Account.  FOLDPOP will be happy to work with you on the placement of the bench or table in the park when it arrives.